"What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists!
One understands absolutely nothing and it's charming?"
French Impressionist painter Degas may have had tongue
firmly in cheek when he made this comment, but it is an
astute assessment of how many people today view the
sphere of Indian performing arts- as a niche interest
that may be 'charming' but completely alien to everyday life.

   It is this gap between art and everyday life that mudra seeks to fill.

  India has a vast, diverse cultural heritage spanning centuries. At mudra we are committed to engaging with this heritage, in a productive way that aims to bridge the considerable gaps in time and place and demonstrate the beauty and vitality of various forms of Indian traditional performing arts. We aim to create an organic and self-sustaining community of art lovers in Singapore, with better awareness and a deeper understanding of the aspects and forms of Indian stylised performing arts.

Knowledge fosters understanding, and to know more we aim to showcase more various and nuanced performances of these arts in Singapore. These include educational workshops, demonstrations as well as authentic performances.

An important part of this cultural engagement is also to popularise these traditional art forms among the young generation, giving them a framework to understand Indian epics and their values that lose their essence when taken out of context. By providing a platform for like-minded people from different backgrounds to interact, mudra also provides an excellent network of contacts, paving the way for more collaboration on new and exciting arts projects.

   As a young, not-for-profit organisation, mudra is looking forward to your support and involvement to fulfil its vision of an integrated, vibrant community of Indian arts.
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